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Dr. Andrew Ferrier of East Bay Healthy Smiles provides high quality dental services and specializes in cosmetic and implant dentistry. If you’re in the Alamo, CA area and are looking for a doctor who has the training and the skills to perform your dental procedures and provide you with a customized treatment plan then Dr. Ferrier is the right prosthodontist for you.

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Dental implants are the best long-term result because it gives you a stable support for a tooth as opposed to a removable device, which may only give you support for a short period of time”
Dr. Andrew Ferrier

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If you are suffering from missing teeth it can be detrimental to your oral health, but if your missing teeth are not restored it can affect more than just your oral health. Specifically, overtime the bone that was once supporting your now missing teeth will begin to deteriorate. Also, this bone deterioration will eventually start to change the shape of your jaw which will in turn change your facial structure. In addition, the way that you chew, and swallow food will be affected. However, here at East Bay Healthy Smiles we offer dental implants as a permanent solution for patients who are suffering from missing teeth.

During your dental implant consultation Dr. Andrew Ferrier will examine your mouth and walk you through your customized treatment plan. Also, he will be able to answer all of your questions in relation to dental implants. Here at East Bay Healthy Smiles our main goal is to provide our patients with comprehensive care. We do this by utilizing advanced technology to provide our patients with efficient dental care. 

Also, dental implants is just one of the many dental treatments we specialize in. Some of the other dental services we offer include cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, sedation dentistry, and emergency care. With this being said if you are looking for comprehensive care from qualified dental professionals then East Bay Healthy Smiles is right for you.   

The Advantage of Choosing a Specialist

SEO – Dental Implants – Alamo, CA
SueAnn talks about her dental implants

Dental Implants are the permanent solution for patients who are suffering from missing teeth and if they are installed correctly can last a lifetime. With this being said when you are considering having dental implants installed it’s equally important to consider the qualifications and experience of the doctor. There are advantages of choosing to go with a specialist. As a prosthodontist Dr. Ferrier specializes in restoring your missing teeth and your jaw structure. Also, he is highly trained in the installation of dental implants.

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Show Off Your Smile

Alamo, California area has plenty to offer visitors from the beautiful scenery to the array of team building and family-oriented activities we have it all.

Whether it be our All-Outdoors California Whitewater Rafting, our Red Door Escape Room, or our Golden Tee Golfland we have plenty of things to do. While you’re in the area, why not stop in for a dental examination at our East Bay Healthy Smiles local office.

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SEO – Dental Implants – Alamo, CA
Rubi shares her emotional experience.
SEO – Dental Implants – Alamo, CA
Justin describes his implant procedure

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