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Fear the Dentist No More with Sedation Dentistry

a dental patient smiling after his dental treatment with sedation

a dental patient smiling after his dental treatment with sedation

Going to the dentist is one of those things we all know has lifelong benefits, but many people are nervous about their visits, and some are too scared to go at all! If you’re one of the millions of Americans with dental anxiety, we encourage you to visit our prosthodontist. Sedation dentistry can be your solution for experiencing a fearless and comfortable dental appointment!

The Importance of Dental Visits

Dental care is often overlooked, but it has numerous benefits for your oral and physical health. If you’re afraid of the dentist, you’re potentially missing out on optimizing the beauty and function of your smile. And you are potentially increasing the risk of dental problems affecting the rest of your body. Your oral health is often considered the window to your overall health, so maintaining your smile is good for you!

How Sedation Dentistry Helps

Sedation dentistry refers to medication that helps to slow your body’s nervous response in stressful situations. Sedation can range from anti-anxiety medication to continuous relaxation with nitrous oxide or IV sedation. For patients with more severe dental phobias, general anesthesia is also an option. When you request sedation at our dental office, you can experience the following benefits:

  • Calm state for your entire appointment
  • No aversion to dental sounds and smells
  • Eliminated sensitivity or gag reflex
  • Faster, more efficient treatment
  • Little-to-no memory of your visit

The Types of Sedation

Oral Sedation

An anti-anxiety medication taken a few hours before your appointment to relieve nerves about your visit. How long the effects last is less predictable with oral sedation, so it is often combined with other sedation for seamless comfort and relaxation during your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

A highly safe gas breathed through the nose with oxygen to relax you during your procedure. The effects are mild and cause you to feel calm and comfortable, though you’ll still be fully awake. Nitrous oxide is safe for both adult and pediatric patients, with no aftereffects once the nose apparatus is removed.

IV Sedation

Administered intravenously, IV sedation provides a continuous level of customized sedation to keep you fully relaxed and pain-free during your appointment. IV sedation is ideal for patients with more significant dental anxiety. You will still be responsive but may sleep lightly through your procedure.

Are You Worried About Your Dental Visit?

Don’t let your dental anxiety keep you from maintaining a healthy, attractive smile. Our prosthodontist, Dr. Ferrier offers a variety of sedation options to ensure you remain relaxed and comfortable while at our dental office. Schedule your appointment today!