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Prosthodontic Specialty

There are many people who have suffered from complicated dental issues for years without finding a solution that was a fit. Choosing a full mouth reconstruction can be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences an individual can go through. We treat people who are suffering from multiple missing teeth, broken or cracked teeth/restorations, advanced periodontal disease, and a host of other conditions that all lead to a smile and a bite that does not function properly or give the patient their desired aesthetic result. It is important to know that rehabilitating one’s smile can be a complicated process that requires advanced training, education, and experience in order to predictably deliver a great clinical outcome. This was one of the fundamental reasons for the creation of the Prosthodontic specialty. Our goal is to ensure that every patient knows and understands what a full mouth reconstruction is, our process, and our uniquely qualified background and experience in this field.

What is a “Real” Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full Mouth Reconstruction Lafayette, CA
Justin shares his experience.

Going by the literal definition, it is the process of reconstructing someone’s bite from start to finish. It is a phrase used to describe the final restoration of a significant number of teeth. This is a goal that requires knowledge and experience in multiple disciplines within dentistry. Starting with assessing the foundation, planning the case, accuracy with the occlusion, and the aesthetics. It often combines the surgical side of dentistry with the restorative which is why we work closely with an oral surgeon on many cases in our practice.

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Our Process

Every person that is a candidate goes through the same process for a full mouth reconstruction

  • Diagnostic Phase

    The main goal of this phase is to determine what your ideal clinical outcome will be, meaning how do you want your teeth to look, function, and feel? We will gather imaging and information to educate ourselves on the current health and state of your bone levels, teeth, occlusion, and gums. This will allow us to assess all factors that will affect your primary desired outcome and customize a treatment plan that will be as streamlined and predictable as possible.

  • Choose our treatments and materials

    Full mouth reconstruction can mean many different types of treatments depending on what we find during the diagnostics and what you tell us is an optimal outcome for you. We will have to choose the materials for your restorations, method for restoring the teeth (crowns, bridges, dentures), and if there are any surgical components to consider (implants, grafting, soft tissue aesthetic procedures). There are pros and cons with anything. We will guide and direct you to the highest quality materials that will provide you with the best look and the most predictable outcome. Remember, we want this to last a lifetime.

  • Treatment

    After the treatment plan is accepted and you are scheduled, treatment could last anywhere between 1-3 visits all the way to 3-5 depending on the degree of difficulty. During treatment, we use the latest in technology to ensure that there are no goopy impressions or inaccuracies with your restorations. Everything in our practice is digital and all of our surgeries are computer guided to ensure optimal success. Whether you are getting dental implants, crowns, implant supported dentures, veneers, or a combination of them you can rest assured that you will be comfortable and well informed the entire visit.

  • Post Treatment Care

    After your smile has been reconstructed you will be placed on a management plan for cleanings and special maintenance to ensure all of the work lasts and looks great for years to come!

Our Experience

Dr. Ferrier has completed over 1000 full mouth reconstructions and full arch implant cases in his career making him one of the most sought after clinicians in the country for complex dental cases. He is a lead instructor for Biohorizons and trains other top dentists on full arch implant cases. He is a practicing prosthodontist which means he completed a post graduate degree and residency in which he specialized in full mouth reconstructions and complex dental cases.

Reconstructing your smile can be a scary thing, but this is something we do every single week. You have chosen the right practice to deliver a high-quality result in the fastest amount of time possible. Now that you know and understand the basics of a full mouth reconstruction the only thing left to do is to call and schedule your consultation. Even if you have been told that your case is hopeless or you don’t have enough bone, remember, this is what we specialize in! We can help you.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Lafayette, CA

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