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Teeth Whitening: Get Teeth as White as Snow

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Have you ever gotten the family together for a group photo around the holidays? It can be tons of fun to look over all the images. It can also be embarrassing to realize that your smile is discolored or yellow. Of course, the good news is that your dentist in Lafayette, CA may be able to help with professional teeth whitening.


Is Everyone Eligible for Dental Teeth Whitening?

Your teeth might be darker than you want because of aging, drinking coffee or tea all the time, or eating a lot of stain-causing foods. In that case, tooth whitening can usually bleach the enamel several shades whiter. However, some tooth discoloration may be the result of taking certain medications for a long time or undergoing a root canal. Under that circumstance, your dentist may recommend other cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers to attain a brighter smile.


Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening Better?

As you already know, you can buy teeth whitening kits and products everywhere from the pharmacy to the grocery store. All of them will promise a whiter smile, but they do not offer the advantages of teeth whitening overseen by your dentist.

What is the difference? Professional teeth whitening solutions are much stronger than what over-the-counter alternatives can offer. This means you get gleaming teeth faster, yet still safely. Plus, your dentist will usually clean your teeth before the whitening procedure, ensuring that the bleaching agent has no barriers to working.

Your dentist will also be attuned to your comfort. Many people experience gum discomfort and tooth sensitivity after treatments. Dentists have equipment and processes they rely on to reduce the effects of tooth bleach irritating the soft tissues or teeth.


Does Professional Teeth Whitening Take a Long Time?

Here is a holiday gift that definitely will make you smile: Your dentist can perform teeth whitening lightning fast. You will be able to notice the difference immediately, and so will everyone around you.

Why feel uncomfortable when someone points a camera at you and says, “Smile!”? Talk to your dentist, Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS in our office in Lafayette, CA at (925) 275-5688 about scheduling tooth whitening around the holidays or into the new year.