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Brighten Your Smile
With Custom Teeth Whitening

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zoom teeth whitening procedure being performed

Professional Teeth Whitening To
Enhance Your Smile

If you can’t smile with confidence because of discolored or stained teeth, Dr. Andrew Ferrier offers professional teeth whitening options. In-office teeth whitening and custom take-home trays are the perfect solution for many patients who are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth. A whiter smile can give you the confidence you need to be more social, take great photos, and just feel better about yourself overall.

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Dr. Ferrier Explains Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Is Not A Complicated Procedure

“In our office we provide two different options for teeth whitening. We have an in office procedure called “Zoom” and that is a bleaching process that occurs in one of our operatories.  The other option is a take home bleaching system.”
Andrew Ferrier, DDS

What Are Beliefs of a White Smile?

96 percent tooth whitening

96% of People

Percent Of Adults Who Believe An Attractive Smile Makes You More Appealing To The Opposite Sex

74 percent tooth whitening

74% of People

Percent Of Adults Who Believe An Unattractive Smile Can Hurt Chances For Career Success

83 percent tooth whitening

83% of People

Percent Saw A Noticeable Whitening Difference From In-Office Procedures

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How Teeth Whitening Works

We offer Zoom® in-office teeth whitening that can deliver instant results and take-home whitening systems that gradually whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Unlike over the counter whitening products, our professional-strength solutions whiten teeth without causing damage to the teeth and gums. Getting your teeth whitened at a doctor’s office also means you don’t have to worry about not seeing any changes or getting uneven results. Everything is customized for your smile so you can enjoy the most natural-looking results.

zoom tooth whitening procedure being done

Whiten Your Smile To Be Ready For Any Occasion

Whether you are getting ready for a special event or just want to enhance your smile, turn to Dr. Ferrier for a customized tooth whitening plan. We can treat all types of issues, such as yellowing teeth, superficial tooth stains, and mild to moderate discoloration with professional teeth whitening services. Consider teeth whitening before a job interview, wedding, business conference, or even a vacation. We’ll make sure you’re ready to smile with confidence!