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Professional Teeth Whitening vs Bathroom Whitening

teeth whitening in Lafayette, CA

teeth whitening in Lafayette, CA

It’s not a clear-cut decision for everyone. For some people, the convenience of being able to whiten their teeth on their own time is a big enough perk to make them forgo whitening their teeth in a dentist’s office. However, there are lots of good reasons to skip the home kit and have your teeth professionally whitened in a dentist’s office. Take a look at how home teeth whitening compares to having your smile brightened by the processionals.

Why Whiten Home?

Convenience is the word, typically, for those who choose to whiten their teeth at home. While a dentist’s office will make teeth whitening as convenient as possible, there’s still no beating the convenience of whitening your teeth in your own home. You can pick the date and time, and you can reschedule anytime you want to – even down to the last second.

Though convenient, take-home whitening kits are generally less effective than the whitening solutions you’ll find offered in a dentist’s office. But the reasons for whitening in-office don’t end there.

Why Whiten at the Dentist’s Office?

For those who want the best results, and fast, there’s no beating professional teeth whitening. Your dentist’s office will have access to more potent whitening solutions that you’ll find for sale in a retail store.

No matter where you choose to have your teeth whitening performed, you’ll likely need more than one application to get the level of white you’re after. Whitening at the dentist’s office will likely save you additional application, due to how potent the whitening solutions are.

Here are a few other big reasons you might want to consider whitening in the dentist’s office:

  • Whitening can make cavities worse. Early on, cavities are hard to spot by the untrained eye.
  • If you’ll need to have teeth restored, the color of the restoration won’t change with teeth whitening. Your dentist can help you coordinate the color of restorations with your whitening treatments.

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