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Build A Solid Foundation
For Your Dental Implants

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Bone Grafts And Sinus Lifts Improve Implant Results

Missing teeth can cause bone loss over time and also cause jaw problems or other oral health issues. If you are a good candidate for dental implants but don’t have enough bone to support the implant, Dr. Ferrier may recommend a sinus lift or bone graft before the procedure. These procedures are designed to rebuild missing bone tissue and strengthen the jaw bone.

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Sinus Lift For Upper-Arch Dental Implants

Dr. Ferrier may perform a sinus lift if there is not enough bone available in the upper jaw to support implants. When the upper back teeth are missing, the bone below the sinus cavity starts to deteriorate and may not be strong enough to support dental implants. This procedure is also known as a sinus augmentation procedure because bone is added to the area to create a solid foundation. A sinus lift involves gently raising the sinus cavity and adding bone graft material to build up the area below the sinus cavity. This process creates a thicker and sturdier jaw bone to adequately support implants.

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Bone Grafts Restore Lost Bone

Another option is to restore lost bone by adding bone to the jaw with grafted materials from another location such as the hip. We can also use synthetic bone granules to help rebuild the jaw bone. Similar to sinus lifts, bone grafts create enough bone in areas where it was lacking in order to support dental implants. This procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia and we will need to wait until the grafted bone is fused into the jaw before placing dental implants. The fusing process can take several months.

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Before Dental Implant Placement Process with Sinus Lift

Increase Dental Implant Success Rates

We want to do everything possible to ensure you achieve lasting results with your dental implants. Dr. Ferrier may recommend a sinus lift or a bone graft as part of your treatment plan should you be lacking sufficient bone density in your jaw. After your grafts have fully healed and fused to your original jaw bone, the dental implant procedure can begin.