Why the Design of the Dental Crowns is Important for Implants

Why the Design of the Dental Crowns is Important for Implants

Dental Implants In Your Bone Model

Making the decision to choose dental implants means a patient is investing in their oral health and overall well being. This advanced procedure for tooth replacement is often a permanent solution for most patients, meaning their new smile can last them a lifetime. But with such a permanent solution, you need results that both look good and will stand the test of time. This is where an experienced doctor who understands how teeth should look within a smile can make a difference in the long run for your new smile.


Blend New Teeth into Your Smile Seamlessly

Since dental implants are made of a synthetic material, their shade can be adjusted depending on the patient’s needs. However, getting a dental implant that is too unnaturally white will stand out in the smile if all the surrounding natural teeth are a different coloration. This means, having a doctor that can pick a tooth color that matches your smile’s natural coloration will help the new tooth blend in and look more natural within the smile.

Match the Size and Shape of Existing Teeth

Getting a tooth the match the size and shape of existing teeth is important to blend the smile and ensure the jaw closes properly. Your new dental implants need to be a proper size and shape to fit within the mouth and not cause misalignment or chipping of other teeth. With a tooth that is too tall or doesn’t match its opposite teeth, the patient can suffer from long-term jaw pain as the mouth constantly has to realign to correct the bite. Having a dental crown designed to match the old tooth’s size and shape will make a big difference in the way the bite comes together.

Ensure a Long-Lasting Smile

When a dental crown is created by an experienced doctor and utilizes advanced technology effectively, the crown can often last for many, many years. A crown that is made of inferior material and not properly designed will often cause a patient undue headaches and may need to be replaced several years after it is placed. When choosing dental implants, you want to be able to rely on your new teeth for a lifetime. So having a crown you can trust will improve the overall implant process and ensure your smile stays healthy and complete for a lifetime.


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