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Best Candidates For Suresmile®

Very few people have perfectly straight teeth and many need to undergo orthodontic treatment to ensure proper alignment. While traditional metal braces can help to move the teeth into their ideal position, most patients need to wear braces for years to achieve the full result. Dr. Andrew Ferrier is an authorized provider of SURESMILE® and can prepare a custom treatment plan that will create your best smile.

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How SureSmile® Works

How Suresmile® Works

SureSmile® is a discreet solution for many teenagers and adults who want to straighten their teeth without the unsightly appearance of metal wires and brackets. The SureSmile treatment process involves wearing a set of custom tray liners made with clear plastic for 20 to 22 hours a day. These trays are traded out for a different set every few weeks as the teeth start to shift. Everything is customized for your teeth to ensure an optimal fit. The aligner trays deliver steady pressure at just the right angles to gently shift the teeth into their new position.

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Suresmile® Results: What To Expect

Many patients start to see results within a few weeks or the first few months of wearing their SureSmile® aligners. This is because the teeth are shifting gradually and in many cases, you won’t even notice because the aligner trays are so comfortable to wear. Results are permanent as long as you wear your retainer as prescribed after the initial treatment is over. Many of our patients are thrilled with the results after a SureSmile® treatment and satisfied with how discreet the teeth straightening process can be.