How Invisalign Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

How Invisalign Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

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Years and years of reserved smiles, self-conscious thoughts and camera shyness can become to an end in a matter of months. Even those with severe alignment issues with their teeth can enjoy a straight, symmetrical smile in about 12 months or so by committing to wearing Invisalign® invisible aligners over that span. But unlike braces, your invisible aligners won’t catch the attention of everyone you meet. Take a look at how Invisalign works and how it can dramatically improve your life.

How Invisalign Works

Like metal braces, invisible aligners straighten the teeth by applying mild, yet constant pressure to the teeth to slowly move them into their ideal alignment over time.

With Invisalign, you’ll get sets of aligners that you’ll wear for a few weeks at a time. Each set of aligners will push your teeth just a little more. As the months roll by and the aligners roll in, you’ll notice your teeth falling to perfect alignment.

Though they work the same as metal braces, one big difference them delivering a ton of benefits.

Top Benefits of Invisalign

While some people shy away from metal braces for fear of being mocked, Invisalign takes appearances out of the equation. They’re almost completely invisible.

  • These are some of the benefits unique to invisible aligners:
  • Because they’re invisible, know else has to know you’re wearing them
  • They’re removable, so you can take them out before eating, drinking, brushing and flossing
  • Because they’re removable, you can take them out before taking pictures


While they are many perks to Invisalign, it’s important not to fall in love with being able to remove them. That’s because you’ll need to wear them at least 20 hours every day in order to keep your treatment plan on course. Wearing them less than the recommended time could cause you to fall well short of your goals.

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