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Practicing Prosthodontist. In-Demand Lecturer. Authority on Implantology.

Dr. Andrew Ferrier leads a private practice in Lafayette, CA, but he also shares his expertise by teaching the cutting-edge techniques he uses himself with other specialists across the country. More than 10 times a year, he offers live surgery trainings in San Diego, Cleveland, and Rhode Island. From live surgeries to symposium lectures, Dr. Ferrier is a sought-after lecturer on subjects relating to prosthodontics, implantology, and full mouth rehabilitations.

Performing well over 1,500 full arch dental implant transformations himself, he has extensive experience over the last 15 years in practice. A national authority on full mouth dental implant treatments including immediate load solutions like TeethXpress® and All-on-4®, Dr. Ferrier lectures on this technique 20-30 times each year. Passionate about his field, Dr. Ferrier strives to not only meet the standard but surpass it by furthering his field with groundbreaking new techniques and approaches to care. To attend an upcoming event, reach out for more information.

Surpassing the Standard in Implantology

  • 5,000+ Dental Implants Restored
  • 1,500+ Full-Arch Implant Cases
  • 15 Years of Dental Implant Experience
  • 12 Years as a Prosthodontist

Upcoming Events

Events Lafayette, CA

January 31st – Beverly Hills, CA
February 7th & 8th – San Diego, CA (Live Surgery)
February 28th – Richmond, VA
March 6th & 7th – Providence, RI (Live Surgery)
March 13th – Rapid City, SD
March 20th – Seattle, WA
March 27th & 28th – San Diego, CA (Live Surgery)
September 11th & 12th – Providence, RI (Live Surgery)
October 2nd & 3rd – Cleveland, OH (Live Surgery)
November 6th & 7th – San Diego, CA (Live Surgery)

Events Lafayette, CA
Events Lafayette, CA
Events Lafayette, CA

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