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Custom Dentures Can Restore Your Smile

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Regain Confidence in Your Smile with Dentures

If you have lost several teeth or have no teeth, you may be self-conscious about your smile. Maybe you avoid social events because you are embarrassed or maybe you have eliminated certain foods from your diet because you cannot chew properly. Whatever the case, Dr. Andrew Ferrier can create dentures to restore your smile. Dentures can be very helpful for restoring the ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

Dentures Lafayette, CA

Alternatives to Removable Dentures

While traditional, removable dentures offer a number of benefits to patients with missing teeth, we also provide some attractive alternatives. Many patients opt for implant supported dentures  because they want more stability with their tooth replacement solution. This procedure involves installing a set of dental implants into the jaw and then attaching dentures to the top of the implant. We also offer the All-on-4® solution for missing teeth where we attach a fixed prosthesis to just four dental implants to rebuild the smile.

Exceptional Results with Custom Tooth Replacement

Dentures Lafayette, CA
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If you’re frustrated about not being able to eat your favorite foods, speak clearly, or smile with confidence because of missing teeth, we have a solution for you. Whether you are interested in dental implants or traditional dentures, Dr. Ferrier is a highly-qualified prosthodontist who specializes in treating missing teeth. Dentures are still a viable option for many patients who want relief from the symptoms of tooth loss.

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If you are concerned about missing teeth and ready to improve your smile through dentures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ferrier today.

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