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Replace Missing Teeth
with Lifelike Dental Implants

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Dr. Ferrier Discusses Benefits Of Dental Implants

Trust In Our Team

Dr. Andrew Ferrier of East Bay Healthy Smiles provides high quality dental services and specializes in cosmetic and implant dentistry. If you’re in the Alamo, CA area and are looking for a doctor who has the training and the skills to perform your dental procedures and provide you with a customized treatment plan then Dr. Ferrier is the right prosthodontist for you.

Dental implants are the best long-term result because it gives you a stable support for a tooth as opposed to a removable device, which may only give you support for a short period of time”
Dr. Andrew Ferrier

The Proof Is
In Our Patients

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Restore Your Smile

Tooth loss occurs to many million Americans. Not repairing tooth loss could be detrimental to health and many are embarrassed living with their broken smile. Dental implants are a permanent solution that can completely restore one tooth or a full mouth of teeth. This tooth replacement option provides a durable solution for patients while also provide a natural and stable smile.

With the latest technological advancements in the dental field, dental implants have positively affected, allowing patients to get their smiles faster and more flawlessly. Before you determine if dental implants are the treatment plan for you, you should fully immerse yourself with implant knowledge, so you know you can choose the perfect clinician for your beautiful smile.

If dental implants end up not being your perfect solution, Dr. Andrew Ferrier and his skilled team will be able to walk you through other treatment plans that may better suit your needs. East Bay Healthy Smiles offers many different cosmetic proceduressedation dentistry and emergency care. No matter the treatment plan you’re looking for, you will find it with Dr. Ferrier and his team who serve the Orinda, California area.

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Diagnostic Phase

Using the latest technology, we begin taking 3D images of your mouth. They are captured with full detail. Bone density and the location of the nerves in your jawbone will be shown, as well as the exact dimensions of your oral cavity and jawbone, to ensure the perfect implants.

Using guided-implant placement software, a detailed map is created which identifies the ideal location, depth and angle to place the implant to ensure long term stability and durability.

cerec machine with material prepared to turn into crown

Placing Your Implants

Every implant is comprised of three parts. It begins with the titanium post, then the abutment, and the crown. Each post is surgically placed into the jaw, which will bring upon new bone growth.

This bone growth offers the implant stability. From there, the abutment is placed onto the implant, which holds the crown. This combination provides unrivaled stability.

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Restoring Your Implants

Dr. Ferrier uses same-day CEREC® technology, which provides patients with their teeth, almost immediately. With Dr. Ferrier’s experience in placing implants, he will make you a unique crown, made of durable ceramic which will match your smile and facial features.

You can leave our office the same day, with an bite and a tooth replacement that looks and feels natural.

sue ann with new smile afterfull mouth recon with dr ferrier
SueAnn Discusses Her Dental Implants

The Advantage Of Choosing A Specialist

Dental Implants are the permanent solution for patients who are suffering from missing teeth and if they are installed correctly can last a lifetime. With this being said when you are considering having dental implants installed it’s equally important to consider the qualifications and experience of the doctor. There are advantages of choosing to go with a specialist. As a prosthodontist Dr. Ferrier specializes in restoring your missing teeth and your jaw structure. Also, he is highly trained in the installation of dental implants.

Restore the look and function of your smile by calling today to schedule a dental implant consultation with our renowned prosthodontist!

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Show Off Your Smile

If you’re in the Orinda, California area and are ready to show off your new restored smile, here are some things you may want to check out. Enjoy a scenic tour of the Redwood Valley on the Redwood Valley Railway. If you’re interested in another way to see nature, the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley or the Tilden Regional Park are both a beautiful adventure.

Enjoy some nourishment while checking out California at the Monterey Market and other local food adventures. If you’re interested in something heartier, enjoy local cuisine at Cheeseboard Pizza, Wood Tavern, or Gather!

No matter what you’re view of fun is, Orinda has it to offer.

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