Can Invisalign Straighten Just One or Two Teeth?

Can Invisalign Straighten Just One or Two Teeth?

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Giving only the option to wear braces, many people would simply live without a misaligned tooth or two rather than having metal wire and braces straighten the issue out. For many people, it the stigma of wearing braces that, though fading, turn them off to getting the orthodontic care they need. Invisalign® invisible aligners can help keep your orthodontic care private, because, unlike metal braces, they’re completely clear and very difficult to detect when someone’s wearing them. Take a look at why you should choose Invisalign, even if there are just one or two teeth you’d like to straighten.

A Look at How Invisalign Straightens Teeth

While they look drastically different, conventional braces and invisible aligners function on the same concept. They straighten teeth by providing a gentle, yet constant force on each tooth that needs to be moved into alignment.

With Invisalign, your invisible aligner trays will be custom made to apply pressure only to the tooth or teeth that you want to realign. The aligner trays will fit snuggly onto your teeth, but the pressure will only be exerted on those teeth that need to be moved into optimal alignment.

Each set of aligner trays you receive will push your tooth or teeth further into alignment, until your teeth are all perfectly aligned.

Other Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is great for straightening full rows of teeth, but it can also be helpful in fixing the alignment of that alignment issue beyond being crooked.

These are some of the other use cases for invisible aligners:

Overbite – teeth on the top row jut out further than those on the bottom row

Underbite – teeth on the bottom row just out further than those on the top row

Crossbite – teeth on the sides of the mouth lead towards the tongue or a cheek

Gaps – there’s too much space between neighboring teeth

Gapes – space between top and bottom teeth when the mouth is closed

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