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Why You Should Choose a Family Dentistry Practice

Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry

Dental care is important at every age of our lives, from when we are young children to when we are elder grandparents. Aside from our baby teeth, we only get one set of permanent teeth, so taking care of them throughout your life will ensure your oral and overall health stays ideal. Our teeth allow us to bite, chew, speak clearly, smile confidently, and support our facial appearance, so regular family dentistry can make a big difference in the future of you, your spouse, kids, and extended family. A doctor who provides family dentistry will be able to treat all ages with routine check ups, cleanings, evaluations, and procedures.


The Importance of Family Dentistry for Children

Many parents falsely believe that since their children have very few teeth and their baby teeth will fall out anyways, they don’t need to bring their kids in for dental care. This can’t be further from the truth as children need to see a dental professional throughout their youth. When children come in for family dentistry, they learn to not fear the dentist, gain knowledge on how to properly take care of their teeth, and avoid getting painful cavities or developing gum disease at an early age. With routine appointments, children can get a head start on their oral and overall health, making all future dental appointments much easier.

Tooth Loss is not Normal, Even for the Elderly

While it is true that as we age, our oral structures like teeth and bones get weaker, tooth loss is still not normal. With properly cared for teeth, even the oldest patient can still have all their original teeth! Saving your natural teeth can also save your budget as you won’t need to worry about getting dentures or dental implants in the future to continue your way of life. Don’t resign your smile to tooth loss; regularly seeing a dental professional for family dentistry can help keep your teeth healthy even in your senior years!

One Location for the Whole Family

One of the biggest advantages of having a practice to go to for family dentistry is the time saving benefits. When your dental provider can treat all the members of your family, it makes scheduling dental appointments a breeze. You’ll no longer have to call multiple offices, schedule multiple dates and times, and drive all over town just to get your family cared for. Having a family dentistry provider means everything can be done in one practice and by the same friendly team you know.


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