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Why Choose TeethXpress® Over Individual Implants?

Man Smiling After Teeth Express Procedure

Man Smiling After Teeth Express Procedure

Having multiple missing teeth creates a wide range of overall health problems ranging from the inability to eat certain foods to a shifting and changing jaw. While most dental professionals would agree that dental implants are the gold standard solution for replacing missing teeth, many patients have to decide how they want to go about improving their unique smile. If you are simply missing one tooth, then an individual implant would be appropriate, but if you are affected by full mouth tooth loss, or have multiple missing and failing teeth, a full arch solution like TeethXpress® may be better both for overall cost and speed of your restoration.


What Makes TeethXpress Different?

TeethXpress differs from traditional dental implant placement because it utilizes fewer implants that can restore an entire arch of teeth. While this solution would not help someone missing one tooth, it can greatly benefit those who are missing many or all their teeth. Often, this procedure can be completed in just one appointment too, meaning patients can enjoy a complete new smile the same day as their surgery.

Why Use TeethXpress Over Traditional Implants?

If you are missing all or most of the teeth in one arch, top or bottom, that means you need to have 18 teeth replaced. Using traditional dental implants would require placing 18 implants precisely in all areas of the mouth, then restoring them. That is both inefficient and expensive for the patient! Choosing TeethXpress on the other hand means that you can get an entire arch restored with as few as four implants. This is accomplished by placing these implants into strategic areas of the jaw that have the most bone support, then attaching a prosthesis of teeth, like a denture, to these implants. TeethXpress drastically cuts down on surgery, time to complete the procedure, and the overall cost.

Who Qualifies for TeethXpress?

As stated above, TeethXpress is great for those missing more than one tooth. Those patients who have lost all their teeth or have a significant amount of tooth loss can greatly benefit from this solution. Patients suffering from severe tooth decay or who have a mouth of missing and failing teeth can also have their problem teeth extracted and the entire mouth rebuilt. Healthy natural teeth will always be the best option, but for those who need a complete smile reconstruction, TeethXpress can help in just a single day!


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