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Who’s The True Candidate for SureSmile® Orthodontics?

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It is rare to be born with straight teeth! Thousands of people throughout the Lafayette, California area have undergone orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth. For a long time, to properly align teeth, the use of metal brackets and wires was necessary. No longer though, as SureSmile® has changed the name of the game. But are you a good candidate for SureSmile®?


Typical SureSmile Patients®

For those who are unaware, SureSmile is a new orthodontic tool for aligning teeth. This process, though still requiring maintenance, is less intensive than traditional braces and provides less pressure and discomfort overall. SureSmile offers a less visible way to align your teeth which makes it preferable for people who do not want to spend years with metal braces.

So, then who is the ideal candidate? One thing patient for SureSmile need is a fully matured tooth structure and jawline. This orthodontic process is intensive on the whole dental health structure. Teenagers and adults have reached this point which allows for them to have the best opportunity to have beautifully aligned teeth.

Good oral hygiene discipline is critical throughout this process as well. This means brushing two to three times a day for two minutes and flossing your teeth but also brushing your aligners and soaking them in the crystal cleaners. Patients of all ages should also avoid smoking as this can stain your teeth, trays, and negatively impact your overall dental health.

SureSmile only works if the patient is committed to wearing them for 20-22 hours a day meaning constant snacking or taking the aligners off will lead to under performing results. The aligners also will not work with patients who experience severe bruxism, or grinding and clenching of their teeth, at night.

Any underlying conditions such as cavities or gum disease should be treated before SureSmile starts. These conditions can cause the teeth to change shape, alignment in the mouth, and other issues which will cause SureSmile to be ineffective in creating a straight set of teeth.


Start SureSmile® Today

If you think you are a good candidate and want to take the first step, consider contacting California native, Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS. Born in Oakland, Dr. Ferrier provides cosmetic dentistry services as well as other dental services for families and individuals. Dr. Ferrier has worked with hundreds of patients and worked tirelessly to provide what they were looking for in their cosmetic dental experience.

If you would like to talk to this certified SureSmile specialist, consider contacting our office in Lafayette, CA at (925) 275-5688 or by filling out our contact email sheet which can be found here. Why wait to have straight teeth? Have your perfect smile today!