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What To Look for In a Dental Office for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Are you suffering from complicated dental issues and do not have a satisfying solution to date? Are you looking for mouth restorations that will give back your bite functionality and provide a more desired aesthetic look? Great news, you aren’t the only one. There are plenty of people in the world trying to file adequate solutions as well. A full mouth reconstruction may sound scary, but the choice will be life altering and most rewarding to you to date. A dentist can give you a list of options to choose from when it comes to full mouth restoration in Lafayette, CA to jump start your beautiful smile journey.


What is a Real Full Mouth Restoration?

The process of reconstructing bite from the beginning to end is the dictionary definition. In dental terms, it is a phrase to describe the end result of a multiple teeth. This procedure isn’t a simple procedure and knowledge and experience with different disciplines within dentistry. A well thought out plan is needed to make sure the procedure is executed well. This procedure combines the work of an oral surgeon and prosthodontists to complete.

The Full Mouth Restoration Process:


the phrase is the determine exactly what the patient is looking for in terms of results. Imaging and other useful information is gathered to research the overall health of the patient’s mouth and dental history. This gives a dentist in Lafayette, CA an overview of factors that may affect your outcome as well as customize an achievable treatment plan.

Treatment Choices and Materials:

Depending on what is found during the diagnostic phase, treatments for full mouth restoration can vary. Teeth restoration method (crowns, bridges, dentures), materials for your restoration specifically, or any surgical components to consider (grafting, soft tissue aesthetic procedure, or dental implants) will be chosen before the procedure. Of course, top of the line materials will be available for you to choose from.

The Treatment Itself:

Once you have agreed on the treatment plan, the next steps is to schedule your treatment. The treatment can be done with 1-3 visits or up 3-5 depending on the difficulty of the procedure.

Post Treatment Care

Management plan for cleanings and special maintenance will be in place once the full mouth reconstruction is complete to make sure that you get your monies worth for many years.


Dr. Andrew Ferrier and his highly skilled team at East Bay Healthy Smiles are experienced in over 1000 full arch implants and full mouth reconstructions. It can be scary to reconstruct your smile, but Dr. Ferrier and his team do these procedures weekly and produce high-quality results in short timeframe.


Are Ready To Get Started?

After reading the article, it has given you the basic knowledge on what to expect when you have a full mouth reconstruction. The only this standing between you and your full mouth reconstruction, is the time it is taking you to call Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS and his skilled team in our office in Lafayette, CA to schedule your appointment today!