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What Factors Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants In Lafayette, CA?

a dental implant patient brushing her new dental implant prosthetic.

a dental implant patient brushing her new dental implant prosthetic.

With a skilled prosthodontist, patients can learn what factors affect the cost of their dental implant treatments in Lafayette, CA, so they can make the most educated decisions on their dental implant treatment. Patients can also learn the best financial options for their individual needs so they can avoid selecting cheap, ineffective “quick fixes” for their smile restoration treatment.

For people who have missing, damaged, or diseased teeth, dental implants can restore a patient’s smile. With dental implants, patients can chew, bite, and speak with ease. Dental implants can also make patients more confident in their smile. Continue reading to learn more about the different cost factors that can affect dental implant treatments.


How Dental Implants In Lafayette, CA, Can Help You

Dental implants are a revolutionary new way to restore a patient’s smile, sometimes in as little as one visit! However, not all dental implant procedures are created the same. Some, while less expensive, are composed of cheap, low-quality materials that are not durable.

These cheaper dental implants end up making the patient come into the dental office for more required visits, resulting in more frequently incurred costs. To avoid this, long lasting dental implants can be made up of the most durable, high-quality materials so patients do not have more costly procedures and office visits.


Factors Affecting The Cost Of Dental Implants In Lafayette, CA

There’s no denying that dental implants are a great way to achieve a new, beautiful smile. However, there are a few things to consider when thinking about factors that impact the cost of dental implants. These may include:

  • Length of time teeth have been missing
  • Amount of bone loss occurred/if bone grafting is necessary
  • Whether extractions are needed
  • Number of teeth being replaced
  • State of the patient’s overall health, both orally and systemically
  • Dental Technologies (if used)

While there are several factors that may impact the cost of a patients customized dental implant treatment, there are also financing options offered by the prosthodontist that can help patients achieve their best smile yet.

It is important for patients to check with their insurance provider before their dental implant procedure begins. Some plans require that patients must first submit a claim and receive approval before undergoing treatment. Additionally, patients can also speak with their knowledgeable prosthodontist to determine what financial options are available for them.

With factors affecting the cost of dental implants varying from patient to patient, it is important for patients to work with their prosthodontist so that they can get the best treatment procedures they need to restore their imperfect smile.


Come To Our Office To Learn More About Dental Implant Cost Factors

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