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Ways to Enjoy Food and Drink While Your Dental Implants Heal

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Some dental implant patients, who have strong jawbones, can get their temporary teeth just a day or two after having their implants placed. But for most people, there will need to be a healing period before getting temporary or permanent replacement teeth affixed to their implants. For those who have to wait for their implants to heal, it can be a challenge to enjoy food while you wait for functional teeth. However, the tips below can help you enjoy delicious meals as you wait for your dental implants to heal.

While on a Liquid Diet

After getting your new dental implants, you’ll have to spend about a week and a half to two full weeks on a liquid diet as your implants heal. Here are a few tips for making the most of your liquid diet:

  • Prepare hearty, flavorful soups and then blend them
  • Don’t blend your entire meal together. Blending several food items separately will give you a variety of flavor profiles for your meal, rather than a one-note drink.
  • Make sure you can get your blended meals through a straw. This way, you’ll be sure there are no chunky bits waiting to surprise you.

Enjoying Soft Foods

Things get easier, and tastier, from here. Here’s a look at some tips for enjoying soft foods after you transition from a liquid diet a few weeks after placement surgery:

  • Enjoy pasta dishes, but cook the pasta past the point of al dente
  • Broil or back fish that’s delicate and flaky
  • Make sandwiches using soft breads that you won’t struggle to chew
  • Enjoy fruit in your yogurt drinks or dishes
  • Bake casseroles, ensuring that any meat used is cooked until it’s soft and easy to consume
  • Bake potatoes and top them with a little cheese to enhance the taste

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