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The Four Phases of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Elderly Couple Smiling After Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure

A full mouth reconstruction is an advanced dental procedure designed to restore function to the mouth. This can be an effective solution for those who have been in an accident or those who have suffered from long-term dental and oral problems. Performing a full mouth reconstruction takes expertise, however, and often involves treatments from a wide range of dental disciplines, so finding an experienced doctor is important. When seeking a doctor for your full mouth reconstruction, look for someone who follows these four main phases when restoring your mouth.


4 Phases of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Diagnostic Phase
    In this first phase, your doctor will evaluate your mouth and identify any areas of concern. You’ll be able to discuss your problems and explain your smile goals. Your doctor will take imaging using digital x-rays to fully understand your jaw structure such as bone levels, position of roots, and location of nerves.
  • Treatment and Material Choice
    Once you have established your needs and smile goals, your doctor can help you decide on which treatments are ideal for completing your full mouth reconstruction. You’ll also have your choice of materials, which vary based on your goals and how you want your completed smile to look.
  • Treatment Care
    Depending on how severe your case is or what your smile goals are, your treatment may take anywhere from one to five weeks. Your doctor will use the latest in technology to ensure your care is safe and predictable so that you get the results you deserve. For many procedures, sedation will be used to help keep you calm, relaxed, and free of discomfort.
  • Post Surgical Upkeep
    Once you have the smile of your dreams, you will need to maintain it to ensure it lasts for the rest of your life. This often means routine dental checkups and appointments so your doctor can assess your overall health and the how the dental restorations are holding up over time and use. Don’t forget, you’ll still have to keep brushing and flossing regularly!


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