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Should You Replace a Missing Tooth or Two with dental Implants?

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If no one can see them, you have all most of your teeth, and they’re all in good health – should you really invest in replacing a single missing tooth or just a few of them? The answer: certainly! While it possible to lose teeth without impacting your smile, you’re missing out on the benefits of replacing missing teeth. Take a look at why you should replace any number of missing teeth.

Reason One: Decreases Wear on Other Teeth

Having dental implants placed alongside healthy teeth can lighten the wear your natural teeth would bear if you had fewer teeth in your mouth. If you’ve lost a few teeth, the wear can be even more pronounced.

Reason Two: Promotes Better Oral Health

Missing teeth can leave behind empty sockets in the gums and the jawbones that are more susceptible to harboring bacteria and becoming infected. Extra diligence in your home dental care can help keep bacteria in check, though the risk is still elevated.

Reason Three: Helps Preserve Jawbone

When you lose a tooth, the part of the jawbone where the tooth was once rooted begins to deteriorate. Because the jawbone is key in the structure of the face, deterioration of the jawbone can make the face look sunken in the area where you’re missing a tooth or teeth. The gaunt look is more pronounced when a neighboring tooth is lost.

Reason Four: Can Improve Your Confidence

If your jawbones have already started to decay in the area of the missing tooth or teeth, dental implants can actually reverse the deterioration. Like the roots of natural teeth, the titanium screw of dental implants stimulates the jawbone when you chew and grind food. The stimulate signals the jawbone to maintain or regenerate bone in the area.

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