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I’m Scared To Get Dental Implants!

Dental Patient Worried About Receiving A Dental Implant Procedure

Dealing with missing or damaged teeth can affect several areas of your life, including your appearance, daily activities such as eating, drinking, or talking, and even your self-confidence. However, fortunately, a dentist can assist you in determining the best treatment option for you, which may be dental implants. You may be thinking, “dental implants? Doesn’t that require surgery? Oh no!.” It’s completely understandable to be a bit anxious and hesitant when considering receiving a surgicathatl procedure. Fortunately, a dentist can offer a variety of different tools to help you through the process, including the utilization of sedation dentistry!


What Is Sedation Dentistry, And How Can It Help Me Get Dental Implants?

If you may be apprehensive about receiving any dental surgical or non-surgical procedure, sedation dentistry is a great way to not only offer a pain-free dental experience, it’s also a great way to help ease potential anxiety associated with some dental procedures. This is why it’s so important to find a dental professional who offers this amazing resource to ensure your experience is optimal. Dr. Andrew Ferrier and the talented and skilled team at East Bay Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, CA understands the importance of patient comfort and its impact on the overall experience of dental treatment and oral health. If a patient is nervous about a dental appointment, it may affect their commitment to attending regular visits or even stay committed to their treatment plan. This is why Dr. Ferrier and the compassionate team at East Bay Healthy Smiles bring several years of experience and several options in sedation dentistry to ease dental anxiety! Various types of sedation dental options, ranging from mild to deep, include:

  • Oral sedation: consumption of medication about an hour prior to dental appointment start. You can expect to feel groggy and relaxed during and after treatment. Ideal for patients who are nervous or anxious before a dental visit.
  • Local anesthetic: This involves injecting anesthetic into the cheek or gums to numb the area for the entire duration of treatment. Ideal for patients who are undergoing standard procedures but have a strong gag reflex or are very sensitive to pain.
  • Nitrous Oxide: Also known as ‘laughing gas’, this form of sedation is easy to control and deeper levels can induce a state of amnesia and numbness. This is ideal for patients undergoing advanced treatments.
  • IV Sedation: For more complex cases, like dental implants, an anesthesiologist can provide the option of IV sedation. This is the ultimate in relaxation and will likely have you not even remember the procedure by putting you in a sleep-like state.

Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way of getting a fresh new smile. With advanced sedation options offered by Dr. Ferrier and the skilled team at East Bay Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, CA, you can be on your way to receiving a pain-free, beautiful new smile today!


Are You Considering Dental Implants?

Contact our doctor, Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS, with East Bay Healthy Smiles in our office in Lafayette, CA today to get started on a path to a pain-free new smile with sedation dentistry by scheduling your consultation today!