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Do Dentists Make Dental Crowns In Office?

CEREC Dental Crown Equipment, Making A Crown

CEREC Dental Crown Equipment, Making A Crown

Got tooth loss? Considering a cosmetic dental implant procedure to help improve your smile? You might be wondering if you can receive dental implants from your dentist in Lafayette, CA in the same day due to the implants being made in the office. Well consider your questions confirmed that, yes, dentists can and do make dental crowns and dental implants in office, offering a sense of convenience and personalization to your treatment options.


How Do They Do This?

Creating customized dental implants in office involves the use of advanced technology such as advanced and modern Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC) technology to design each unique dental crown using ceramic materials that are long-lasting and match your natural smile. This is done after the application of a full diagnostic procedure using detailed 3D images of your mouth captured by state-of-the art imaging that considers your bone density, location of nerves and blood supply, and exact jaw dimensions to ensure that your implant treatments will be fully individualized. Additionally, CEREC technology often uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) to create dental restorations. CEREC is also used to create:

There are many advantages to using CEREC. This approach shortens the creation process and final results can be obtained in just a few short dental visits, eliminating the inconvenience of multiple visits. Additionally, the creation process is very accurate using such innovative technology. Finally, because the restorations are done in office, this eliminates the usage of temporary solutions or filler solutions and instead, gets you right into your customized dental restoration additions.

It is important to choose the best dental professional in Lafayette, CA to receive your in-office dental restorations. Dr Andrew Ferrier of East Bay Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, CA and his team of amazing artists have extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and understand the importance of providing excellent care in a convenient and modern way. Dr Ferrier uses advanced technology like CEREC, 3D imaging and scanning to ensure your treatment plans meet your exact needs.


Ready to get Started?

Experience the benefits of modern technology to create your customized dental treatment plan today by visiting Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS in our office in Lafayette, CA, or calling our number at (925) 275-5688, and get a brand-new smile by scheduling a consultation!