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Choosing the Right Dentist to Place Dental Implants

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While the goal is to get back to where you once were, the journey to reaching that end and getting dental implants will likely be unfamiliar territory. And when you’re going into unfamiliar territory, you certainly want a guide who you can trust – someone who’s been there before. While many doctors can place your dental implants, some will be better able to meet your expectations than others. Take a look at some of the top things you should consider when looking for a dentist to place your dental implants.


As with any other service, you’ll want to choose someone who’s seen it all and knows out to avoid common and uncommon pitfalls of dental implant placement. Ask your prospective dentist how long they’ve been placing dental implants, ask about any continuing education they’ve done on implants and be sure to ask about their success rate in placing dental implants.

Treatment Options

There are various styles of dental implants, each with slightly different intended goals and budgets to address. For example, implant-supported dentures offer a low-barrier to entry for those looking for a full set of dental implants and replacement teeth. Zirconia bridges with dental implants offer the best all-around support and longevity, while All-on-4 aims for the sweet spot between value and performance. The types of materials and the form factor of dental implants also vary.


This journey to getting new dental implants will take the better part of the year, or longer if you need work done to improve your candidacy for dental implants. You’ll have several pre-placement visits, along with several follow-ups. So you’ll want to ensure that the dentist you choose is relatively convenient to your location.

Payment Options

Unless you’re able to cover the cost of your dental implants upfront, you’ll want to make sure you talk about your payment options early on. Find out if your insurance covers some or part of your procedure, check that the dentist will accept your insurance and ask about in-office payment options that could all help fit your implants into your monthly budget comfortably.

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Take a moment to schedule a consultation with a local dentist to learn more about what you can expect from having dental implants placed in Walnut Creek, CA.