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Brighten Up Your Smile by a Professional

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

We’re all looking for the quickest solution to the problems that we have, for some that could be trying every over the counter product that claims to make your teeth whiter. Unfortunately, the quickest or most convenient solutions don’t always guaranty success. If you are one of those people, looking to brighten your smile and are thinking about choosing an in-store product let us present another option.

At East Bay Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, California, Dr. Andrew Ferrier offers professional teeth whitening treatments to enhance and brighten up your smile.

Here are some of the benefits that professional teeth whitening by Dr. Ferrier can provide:

One of one

Most over the counter products are generally a one size fits all product. Depending on your specific needs that may or may not work best for you. With professional teeth whiting your treatment is customized for the exact specifications of your individual mouth, making sure that the treatment is as effective as possible.

In Good Hands

Teeth whiting products can cause a significant amount of pain and damage to your teeth if not applied correctly. Wouldn’t you prefer a professional to perform such a task? You won’t have to worry about that with professional treatment. Dr. Ferrier and his team use their expertise to eliminate any unnecessary harm caused to your teeth.

Fast Service

One of the great things about receiving a professional teeth whiting treatment is the amount of time it takes to see results. Results of a professional treatment can be seen within one visit and will last quite a long time. Over the counter treatments can take several times to see the results that you want this can be frustrating when having to continuously purchase treatments.

Contact Us Today

If you’re still considering enhancing, your teeth’s color, receiving a professional treatment will be your best option as opposed to going with an over the counter solution.

For more information about our different teeth whiting treatments be sure to visit our website or feel free to contact our offices in Lafayette, California. One of our amazing team members will help you set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Ferrier to answer any questions you have.