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Are You Looking For Dental Implants In Alamo, CA? Consider All-On-4®!

a dentist holding a set of full arch zirconia dental implants

a dentist holding a set of full arch zirconia dental implants

Overwhelming public opinion confirms that dealing with teeth imperfections, whether they be chipped, missing, or damaged, can truly impact oneself confidence, overall appearance, and even one’s health.

For those experiencing this issue, the question of treatment and how to be free of any imperfections may be a constant thought. Fortunately, a dentist can help you decide the best option for you, which may be All-On-4® dental implants in Lafayette, CA.


What Does All-On-4 Get You?

Dental implants are super versatile. Whether one or several teeth need replacing, dental implants are the way to go. If a full arch (or row) of teeth are missing, the All-On-4 full arch replacement procedure may be the best fit.

With this procedure, even if there is the presence of bone loss, the All-on-4 dental process overcomes this issue by using as little as four dental implants to place a full arch of dental prosthetic devices on a more efficient and sturdy foundation.

This procedure offers several convenience factors compared to traditional dental implants, including:

  • Minimized treatment time
  • Minimized healing time
  • Same-day smile transformation


Who Should You Go To, For All-On-4?

Functioning like natural teeth, dental implants are certainly a great selection to consider when looking to ways to restore your smile. However, choosing the right dental professional to do the best job is also highly important.

Dr Andrew Ferrier and the skilled team at East Bay Healthy Smiles have fantastic, extensive experience correcting smiles through several procedures, including All-On-4. Dr Ferrier and his team work together flawlessly to ensure you receive the best care possible with long-lasting results.

During your visit, Dr Ferrier will discuss your needs and goals before taking a CT scan. On the second appointment, Dr. Ferrier will work with your periodontist in the surgical suite to place the dental implants with a custom prosthetic made in-house. Patients are never without any teeth during this process since the dental implant surgery and placement of a prosthesis can be completed in one visit.

Dental implants are an amazing tooth replacement treatment that not only restores function and look, but also works to protect the mouth from bone degradation, virtually eliminating the possibility of dealing with tissue loss or the need for treatment for this issue. If taken care of properly, your dental implants, which are a great investment, can last a lifetime.

This result is even more confirmed with the usage of top notch, modern technology and sedation dentistry to give you a pain free, comfortable experience; such as that available at Dr Ferrier’s office. With oral, nitrous oxide (gas), and IV options, sedation dentistry is a great way to reduce or eliminate any anxiety that you may have!


A new smile awaits you today with All-on-4 dental implants!

Call Dr Ferrier in Lafayette, CA now to get a consultation for All-on-4 dental implants and get a brand-new smile. Schedule your first appointment today!