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3 Key Things About Implant Supported Dentures

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When people think about visiting the prosthodontist, it is often because they are missing teeth. In the past, patients automatically turned to the option of dentures so they could still eat and speak with some sense of normalcy. As technology has progressed, implant supported dentures have become a more popular option for those missing full arches of teeth. Dr. Andrew Ferrier and the team at East Bay Healthy Smiles want patients to understand these three key things about implant supported dentures.

  1. Look and Feel Like Natural Teeth

Implant supported dentures are designed to look just like your real teeth. In fact, Dr. Ferrier can help to ensure your new dentures even have natural coloring. They also feel like natural teeth and function in much the same way. Also, because they are supported on implant posts, they are less likely to slip out of place while you are speaking, and you do not have to worry about bonding strips or paste.

  1. Eat the Foods You Want

In the past, you had to be careful about the foods that you ate with dentures because eating hard or chewy foods could dislodge the appliance. Implant supported dentures are held securely in place on implant posts, so you can still enjoy many of your favorite foods without having to worry about slippage.

  1. Prevent Bone Erosion in the Jaw

Eventual bone loss is common with traditional dentures as they just sit on top of the gums. Over time, even the dentures would need replacing because the shape of the gums would change with erosion. With implants, however, the posts fuse to the jaw bone and help to support it, preventing bone loss and maintaining the shape of the mouth and face better.

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