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A Quick Guide to CEREC®

A healthy set of teeth is required for chewing thoroughly and speaking properly, not to mention to make you feel confident in your smile. If you have broken or chipped teeth, several options are available for you to restore your smile. While several options are available, many patients are turning to CEREC as a means of restoring their smile.

What Is CEREC?

Ceramic reconstruction, commonly referred to as CEREC, involves designing and creating high-quality dental prosthetics that are metal-free and can be completed in a single appointment. The system relies on CAD/CAM technology and 3D photography to create onlays and inlays, bridges or dental crowns. Because the system relies on virtual images, the patient does not need to provide dental impressions.

How the System Works

When you visit our dentist, Dr. Andrew Ferrier, DDS, he begins the CEREC process by photographing your mouth and storing it as a 3D model on the system’s software. We use these images to create an approximate restoration shape for your implants. We then refine the shape with the three-dimensional CAD software. Once your shape is correct, we use a milling machine to carve a ceramic block to replicate your teeth. Finally, we bond your new crown to the abutment part of the dental implant.

Benefits of Choosing CEREC

Choosing the CEREC technology to restore your smile has several benefits. Because the process can be completed in one visit, it is preferable for people who do not have the option of taking several days away from work to recover from oral surgery. The metal-free materials are biocompatible, which means they will last for quite some time and always look like your natural teeth. Because no impressions are necessary, it is more comfortable for people. Finally, CEREC is often an affordable option for people who wish to restore their smiles.

If you are interested in finding out if CEREC crowns will meet your needs, get in touch with contact us at East Bay Healthy Smiles in Lafayette, CA.