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5 Ways Dental Implants Are a Great Long-Term Investment

Do you need to replace your missing teeth, but aren’t sure which option you should choose? You may be wondering if dental bridges or dentures are better, or if dental implants should be your choice. The good news is that if you want your new smile to last for many years, your solution is dental implants!

These reliable tooth replacements are designed to be permanent and can give you back a life of comfort and health. Here are five ways dental implants are an amazing long-term investment:

Natural Function

Dental implants function just like natural teeth. They even look similar to teeth, with a post (tooth root) surgically placed in the jawbone and dental crown (visible part of the tooth) strong enough to bite and chew with. You’ll be able to eat any foods you like without fear that your teeth will fall out.

Better Health

By restoring your ability to eat, dental implants help you regain oral and overall health that may have declined when you didn’t have teeth. Better health helps build your immune system, keeping you safe from diseases and viruses, and protecting you from infections that lead to gum disease.

Amazing Aesthetics

Dental implant restorations are made from materials that mimic the natural translucency and color of teeth. They’re also designed by your dentist to look proportional and attractive inside your mouth. Your new teeth with dental implants will look and feel real but be resistant to decay and staining.


While it’s important to continue practicing good oral hygiene habits, dental implants don’t need any special care. Dentists recommend that you brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse daily with mouthwash to clear away leftover debris. Don’t forget to visit your dentist the number of times they recommend each year, too.

Low-Cost Over Time

Dental implants have a higher initial price tag than other tooth replacement options. However, the chances of needing additional treatments, replacements, or relining are virtually zero. Over the decades that dental implants can last, you’ll end up spending less on dental appointments.

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