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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

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If you have lost your teeth or are about to, dentures are a cost-effective and quick way to bring back your smile. You may be concerned that your dentures will make you feel old or look bulky. The good news is that modern dentures are much more lifelike and comfortable than the false teeth your grandparents wore!

Today, you can receive a denture custom-fitted to your mouth for a more natural appearance and function. They’ve helped many patients regain confidence and a social lifestyle with a complete set of teeth in place that provides an attractive smile and adequate function. Here are the answers to the most common questions patients ask about dentures:

#1 – How long before I get used to wearing dentures?

It will take you a few weeks for your denture to feel comfortable and natural inside your mouth and for you to get used to inserting and removing it. However, it should not take long for your mouth to be accustomed to this appliance!

#2 – Can I wear my denture continuously?

You’ll receive more specific instructions for wearing your denture from your dentist. But generally, dentures are worn during the day and removed each night to be cleaned. When you first receive your denture, wearing it all day can help identify areas that need adjustment.

#3 – What can I eat with my dentures?

Eating with dentures will certainly be easier than eating without teeth. Be sure your denture is secured with pastes or adhesives. Then begin with soft foods cut into small pieces and try to avoid any food that is hard, chewy, or sticky.

#4 – Will I be able to speak clearly with dentures?

Dentures will take some getting used to for all the things you do daily, including speaking. They make it more difficult to enunciate clearly at the beginning, but practice makes perfect. Make sure you’re speaking enough to become accustomed to talking with your dentures in place.

#5 – How can I make my dentures more stable?

If pastes or adhesives aren’t keeping your dentures stable in your mouth, you have an alternative in dental implants. When surgically inserted into your jawbone, dental implants create a strong and sturdy base for dentures. Once attached you’ll experience greater function and stability for eating and talking.

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