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4 Ways You Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening

patient smiling after professional teeth whitening

Did you know that 96 percent of adults believe a beautiful smile makes you more attractive? If you’re ready to give your appearance—and confidence—a boost, then professional teeth whitening is for you!

You may be thinking that this procedure isn’t worth it. But know that the best results will come from receiving professional treatment from a dentist. Professional teeth whitening has many benefits when compared to store-bought products or at-home remedies.

How you benefit from professional whitening:

Less sensitivity

Professional teeth whitening like ZOOM!® results in less gum and tooth sensitivity. Generally, in addition to adding the whitening gel to the teeth, the gum tissue covered with a protective coating, so it remains separated from the gel or laser light, depending on the type of treatment.

Minimal tooth damage

Store-bought whitening kits and home remedies have been known to not only cause sensitivity but harm tooth enamel over time as well. Because of the minimal results of these products, the frequency of use is damaging long-term. The professional-grade strength of whitening gels can provide instantaneous results, so all you’ll need in the future is touch-ups.

Faster treatment

Professional teeth whitening can provide amazing results in less than an hour. That is many times faster than drugstore brands can boast, and with more noticeable brightening, too. You don’t have to plan weeks or months ahead for at-home treatments. Just one visit to the dentist will give you the white smile you want.

Greater customization

Drugstore whitening kits have a “what you see is what you get” type of result. You don’t have any control over how white your teeth become. On the contrary, your dentist will be fully monitoring your professional teeth whitening treatment. Together you can choose from physical 3D shade guides your dentist can hold up to your teeth.

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