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3 Surprising Reasons To Get Dental Implants

Are you wondering what tooth replacement option is the best choice for your missing teeth? While there is no right answer for anyone, dental implants have a unique set of benefits that other tooth replacement options do not. If you’re looking for a tooth replacement option that gives you the biggest bang for your buck, here are three surprising reasons to look into implant placement.

  1. Natural Appearance

No one wants to replace their teeth with prostheses that don’t look and feel natural. Fortunately, implants are known for their natural appearance and feel just like regular teeth once they have healed and fused to your jaw bone. This is especially true when CEREC technology is used to create the most natural-looking crowns for your implants. Same-day crowns are not only made to look remarkably lifelike and to fit the precise dimensions of your mouth, but they are also made on-site the same day as your appointment. That means no more worrying about wearing a temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to be created!

  1. Healthy Bone Support

One of the most unique benefits dental implants offer is the ability to provide healthy bone support for your jaw. When an implant is placed, the post essentially becomes like a tooth root that stimulates the bone tissue every time you bite down. If you’re not a fan of bone loss, implant placement is the only tooth replacement method that can prevent jaw bone degradation from occurring.

  1. Improved Dental Function

When you’re missing one or more teeth, your remaining teeth have to pick up the slack and your dental function declines. You may even find yourself avoiding certain foods that scratch the sensitive tissue in the sockets where your missing teeth once were. To restore your dental function and continue enjoying food without discomfort, consider getting dental implants.

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